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  House of Opal was started over a decade ago specifically to provide those who love and wish to collect and wear beautiful opals and other gemstones that you won't see in your typical jewelry store. We provide stones for jewelers, designers, collectors and other gemstone afficianados.

We have thousands of gemstones, rough, jewelry, beads, fossils and specimens. Please contact us if you have a specific need. If your need is in custom cutting, we provide service to many jewelry stores, manufacturers and individuals in cutting replacement stones.

We soon plan to reopen our online store on this website, including BitCoin as a form of payment in addition to accepting Paypal. As always, we accept, gold, silver, pre and post 1964 silver coinage as well as Federal Reserve Notes for payment.

If you happen to need a replacement stone cut or an unusual design cut in a specific stone type, those are areas we specialize in. Looking for an unusual color or a piece of Ammolite for display? That we can surely help with too.









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